Our Featured Services

  • Studio

    Multi-track Studio Recording

    Providing the latest technology utilizing computer based equipment in combination with analogue to digital converters and other equipment.
  • Mastering


    Mastering, Pre-mastering and Post Production are terms used to describe the final stage in the studio life of an audio recording project. Mastering optimises and enhances sound so that the finished product meets commercial standards.
  • Pan In Education (PIE)

    Training for Delivery of PETE and PIE Curricula

    Please click on the links below to see our presentations on PIE and PETE.

Our Services

  • On-Location Recording.
    Choirs, concerts, performances, speeches, presentations etc, recorded at live venues using Danish Pro Audio (DPA) Microphones.
  • Studio Recording.
    Professional multi-track recording done using HDCD® technology.
  • Mastering and Mutli-Track Studio Recording.
  • Mixing.
    Digital mixing of full compositions and arrangements to 24, 20 or 16-bit word lengths at 44.1, 88.2, 96, 176.4 or 192 kHz.
  • Voiceovers, Radio and Television Commercials.
    Complete productions also done using HDCD® technology.
  • Editing.
    Precision audio editing using software platforms by Sonic Solutions, Magix and Steinberg.
  • Archive Transference and Audio Restoration.
    Vinyl, Cassette, Open Reel, VHS and BETA to CD or DVD. Noise reduction may also be done in order to remove crackling, hissing, buzzing and other noises from the audio stream.Click here to view
  • PA and Sound Reinforcement.
    Meyer Sound powered loudspeaker systems and accessories custom designed for PA, small and medium scale venues. Loudspeaker behaviour in any environment may be predetermined using Meyer Sound’s Online Multi-purpose Acoustical Prediction Program (MAPP Online) as seen in this illustration.
  • CD and DVD Replication.
    Factory Pressing or Burning of CD and DVD masters. (Minimum production runs of 500).