Commonwealth Secretariat
Friday, 22 July 2011 00:56

The Governance and Institutional Development Division of the Commonwealth Secretariat is pleased to endorse the Pan in Education initiative. The Secretariat has been engaged over several years in the global effort to use information and communications technologies (ICTs) to further development and to meet basic development goals. These efforts have been particularly prominent in the area of advancing education and human resource development.

Through the “digital revolution”, ICTs have begun to transform commerce, government, education and citizen participation, and have created substantially new means of fostering economic growth and social development. New developments in technologies, reduction in prices, greater availability of networks and a more user-friendly approach to technologies continue to strengthen the role that ICTs can play in support of the development of regions, countries, communities and individuals.

Recognizing that knowledge is key to cultural, social and economic development, the Secretariat is highly supportive of this initiative, which exploits computer technology to encourage students to experience and learn the music of Trinidad and Tobago. This project serves to introduce ICTs in a non-challenging, yet highly attractive manner to young people, though the medium of music. The skills developed through exploring and utilising the materials on the CDs will not only stimulate the minds of the students and teach music, but will increase their capabilities to use ICTs in everyday life and as a tool for continuous learning and improvement.

The Pan in Education project will help develop the youth and assist Trinidad and Tobago and ultimately other developing countries, to bridge the digital divide, and to gain the long-term positive benefits of ICTs.

Again, our congratulations to the creators and drivers of the Pan in Education project.

Devindra Ramnarine MPhil., MSc., BSc., MIEE
Advisor (Public Sector Informatics)
Governance and Institutional Development Division
Commonwealth Secretariat
London, England