Pan In Education at Primary School Level
Friday, 22 July 2011 00:32

  • The first phase of the Pan in Education project consists of a two-compact disc set. The programme is geared principally towards secondary and tertiary education levels, where it is assumed that one would have acquired some ability to play or learn from the arrangements. However, disc two contains biographies of steel orchestras and arrangers, which are also relevant to primary schools. Notes on The Steelpan, Copyright Issues, Caribbean Rhythms andThe Symphonic Soundstage contained on this disc are an essential requirement for study by all music students.

  • With respect to the use of interactive digital technology, whereby scores may be played on the computer, user-friendly interfaces (point and click) will expose children to hearing local compositions from a tender age. They will see the link between music that is aural, and the fact that such music can be scored and played if one is musically literate. While the project is not geared towards "making people music literate", exposure even at primary level will create a desire for the attainment of music literacy. It will also assist with catalyzing a change from learning by rote to sight-reading from an early age. This will contribute towards long-term development of a sustainable local music industry.

  • The project also encompasses songs with lyrics related to the national musical instrument of Trinidad and Tobago, the steelpan. This may be utilized as part of cultural development and understanding even at primary schools level. The lyrics may be linked to social studies, drama, dance or poetry that may be used in schools to engender a passion for the instrument and our culture.

  • Pan in Education is easily marketable in its current form for use throughout the Commonwealth, at primary, secondary and tertiary levels, with Trinidad and Tobago, birthplace of the steelpan, playing a leading role. Its integration into the CXC syllabus is envisaged.



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