The Ace of Spades Sampler One
Friday, 01 February 2013 16:58

The Ace of Spades Sampler One

Ace of Spades Number Eleven - Tom Jones - The Golden Hits

DERAM K2 Mastering No.0050


Captivating, seductive, alluring and notably delightful is the music of Tom Jones. This master of ballads sets the tone and creates aesthetic vision in the delivery of his lyrics; audiences easily resonate with the music. Examples of wit, musicality of rhythm and rhyme may be noted on each song on the collection.

Reflective of the era in which Jones thrived, the album is symbolic of the true reflection and intimacy of life. With Hits such as It’s not Unusual, Without Love and A Minute of your Time, even hapless romantics find refuge. Riveting songs such as Funny Familiar Forgotten Feelings, Delilah, and Puppy Love provide sentimental outlets for young, enthralled lovers. The nostalgic Hits Green Grass of Home and Detroit City paint palpably graphic and everlasting images.

The music of Tom Jones continues to captivate young hearts to this day. His tasteful use of the double entendre, alliterations and seemingly rhetoric excerpts gives a unique blend that can be only associated with him. Those generic to his time can attest to his charisma, sense of style and soulful performances that would leave anyone wanting more. Tom Jones Golden Hits has fittingly been remastered using revolutionary K2 Technology thus breathing new life and making it a natural Ace of Spades.

Simeon L. Sandiford

Managing Director