The T&T Chapter Of U.W.I. Alumni Association Launches ‘THE Caribbean Pepperpot’
Tuesday, 08 January 2013 13:02

St. Augustine - January 07, 2013: As it prepares to celebrate its 25th Anniversary in 2013, the Trinidad and Tobago Chapter of the U.W.I. Alumni Association (UWIAATT) will, on January 03, launch a brand new self-sustaining Portfolio and Strategic Plan entitled The Caribbean Pepperpot (CPP) with a clear Vision “to ensure long-term Socio-Economic survival and prosperity of Caribbeanness.

The initiative will be spearheaded by an eight-member committee, chaired by engineer Jerry Medford. Distinguished UWIAATT awardee Simeon Sandiford, Managing Director of Sanch Electronix Ltd and creator of the concept, has been designated Executive Producer of all fund-raising Events. CPP will gradually extend its tentacles to embrace all other Chapters of UWIAA in the Caribbean and Diaspora.

According to Medford, “the Mission of The Caribbean Pepperpot is to develop, create and nurture highly-skilled, globally-competitive Caribbean entrepreneurs together with cultural products and services using ICT-derived educational tools, innovation and indigenous rhythms. Fittingly, the Tagline is Monetizing Cultural Rhythms!” Acclaimed graphic artist, Kenneth Scott created the logo which depicts CPP as a pepper (the pot) in which the ingredients are being cooked by solar energy.

In a recent interview, Sandiford further explained that “The Caribbean Pepperpot has eight Strategic Objectives, (the ingredients) to lay foundations throughout the Caribbean and Diaspora for sustainable delivery of Competitiveness, Computer Literacy, Creativity and Innovation, English Literacy, Entrepreneurial Development, Music Literacy, Numeracy to ensure long-term Socio-Economic Survival and Prosperity of the region.”

CPP will form long-term tangible relationships between Sanch Electronix, UWIAATT and UWI on the one hand and established regional entities (the fire) on the other, for mutual benefit - A Provider of Financial Services, A Provider of Telecommunications Services, A Provider of Risk Management Services, The Main Regional Providers of Air Travel Services, WICB/WIPA to ensure resurgence of West Indies Cricket.

CPP is a registered legal entity jointly owned by UWIAATT and Sanch Electronix. It will afford Alumni ongoing opportunities for ‘giving back’ via mentoring, bursaries; donations to Faculties; assisting in upgrading student facilities and amenities (the aroma).

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