Happy Times are here again
Friday, 12 October 2012 19:24

“Having made two previous successful CDs, Happy Times One and Two, I have decided to forge ahead with Happy Times Three. Once again, I have brought in a group of wonderful talented Trinidad artistes and musicians who gave of themselves selflessly and I believe this is where the magic lies. I am particularly happy about this project as there is a great need in our society to harness and foster the enormous talent in our people which, unfortunately, is often left untapped.” Germaine Scott, executive producer of Happy Times Three, launches her new CD on October 13. So what does this have to do with Sanch?

An essential component of our Pan in Education curriculum is Music Production. In this regard Sanch has recently undertaken a pilot project to introduce modules in Music Literacy, Business and Technical English to four clusters of secondary schools throughout Trinidad and Tobago. One critical success factor is building and commissioning prototype studios/mastering suites, based on the Sanch prototype.

Using the strategy beg-barter-earn, students will conceive and execute fund-raising projects to the tune of approximately US$400k. Therefore, when Germaine suggested that Happy Times Three could facilitate the initiative, I readily agreed. Furthermore, Since the CD would be produced on the Sanch label, listeners would become aware of the mechanical and aesthetic quality that could evolve from small facilities utilising state-of-the-art equipment and technology. Additionally, international orders could be fulfilled from the newly established online shopping facility on the Sanch Homepage.

The repertoire is a gourmet selection of timeless melodies - vocals and instrumentals in Swing, Bolero and Honky Tonk modes with ol’ time calypso jam sessions rippling with endless Nostalgia. Tico Tico, C’est si Bon, Bewitched Bothered & Bewildered, Danny Boy, and Blue Bayou fit cosily into Germaine’s sixteen-track, concert-length eclectic brew that also includes six tantalising medleys. Trini hits of yesteryear - The Mighty Terror’s The Monkey and Lord Kitchener’s Ol’ Lady blend harmoniously with one of the world’s great Calypso bards, Andrew ‘Lord Superior’ Marcano’s rendition of a Cabral original, Charming Trinidad.

So I invite you to have fun and help to raise funds just because Happy Times are here again. Together, we will build and commission the four recording studios/mastering suites. Future generations of young Caribbean talent will be given opportunities to carve their niche in the fiercely competitive global music industry. Just visit the Sanch Marketplace, after October 13, audition the 30-second demos and purchase your copy as high-resolution digital downloads, MP3s or physical CDs. All proceeds will be forwarded to Germaine for distribution to her favourite charities in addition to facilitating Pan in Education.

And naturally you will network this Newsletter to ensure that Happy Times Three spirals upwards exponentially to fulfil its mission. Buy one; sell two is what I’m asking you to do!

Simeon L. Sandiford
Managing Director