December 2011 - Pete the Panstick and you
Monday, 12 December 2011 14:51

After five years of meticulous Research and Development, Pete the Panstick (PETE) interactive educational software will be ready for commercial online delivery to end users from the first quarter of 2012. Technical support from CDE (a joint European Union-African, Caribbean, and Pacific countries initiative) is hereby acknowledged. Corporate customers such as schools, academic institutions and libraries will be afforded the opportunity of hosting this innovative, self-instructional product on their servers for internal distribution through Local Area Networks. PETE is now compatible with Windows or Macintosh operating systems.

PETE’S new Infomercial is very insightful. He begins by showing you how to recognise note placement and memorise musical scales using his (virtual) Steelpan on your computer. As a result, when you play your (real) Steelpan by mimicking PETE’S animation, you will thrill as you master the simple Rhymes and Folk Songs that are provided as your introductory material.

With the aid of commonly available music programmes such as Sibelius or Finale and technical assistance from your assigned tutor, you will eventually be able to competently perform more sophisticated melodies. These will be available from PETE’S extensive library being created for this application at three levels of difficulty - elementary, intermediate and advanced.

By navigating six fulfilling chapters with PETE, you will discover intricacies about the Steelpan’s fascinating History through three short movies and twelve illustrated posters. He introduces ten Steelpan virtuosos who arrange many genres including Panorama and facilitates a two-tiered, multiple-choice Steelpan Quiz. For recess, PETE allows you to audition an array of seven selected genres of Steelpan recordings before returning to his intriguing world of animation.

The Spanish adaptation of PETE already exists and will be launched as soon as sufficient field experience has been gained with this English version. PETE’S expanding portfolio will soon encompass the Quantitative Sciences. He is already strategically poised to assist you in overcoming myriad perennial challenges traditionally associated with Mathematics and Physics.

Imagine this alluring, animated Panstick using nothing but charisma and first principles to demystify innumerable complex hypotheses that have baffled students from time immemorial. Sir Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and their illustrious colleagues must be smiling! Visit for further information on your engaging experience in music education.

Simeon L Sandiford
Managing Director