Making Rain While the Sun Shines
Wednesday, 14 May 2008 00:00


Our fund-raising committee is heartened by the sterling financial commitments of some major stakeholders. These will go a long way towards ensuring that The Rainmakers perform at PASIC 2008 in Texas in November. Through the generosity of The University of the West Indies (UWI), The Entertainment Company, and Rainmakers’ parents, approximately US$100,000.00 has been pledged to date.

Our mission is driven by the simple strategy - beg, barter, earn. We have recently commissioned nine original paintings from artist Nigel Parris, which vividly depict the story of The Rainmakers. Nigel has agreed to use them as part of the theme for his upcoming exhibition in June. These works will be creatively exploited to generate a catalogue of commemorative artefacts for resale. The following items are now available for purchase and may be previewed at

A specially packaged limited edition set of the nine prints of Nigel’s Story of The Rainmakers - (TT$630.00 or US$100.00); and

T-shirts, Tank Tops and Baby Tees - (TT$80.00 or US$13.00).

An account, 160 284 614 001 has been established at Republic Bank, UWI, St. Augustine. Deposits should be to ‘The University of The West Indies for The Rainmakers’. Alternatively, cheques may be made payable to ‘Golden Hands Steel Orchestra’. Merchandise will also be sold at all UWI bookshops throughout the region. Shipping cost (US$, prints and one T-shirt) is $25.00 to North America, $20.00 to The Caribbean and $40.00 to the rest of the world.

We will print 3000 copies of a 64-page commemorative programme. The total cost of production has been generously underwritten by CLICO. It has been well supported by advertisements from a cross-section of local and international corporate investors. Each will retail for TT$30.00 or US$5.00. Sanch will release two Rainmakers’ CDs, one in July and the other in November. Many other companies and individuals are making financial contributions in support of the project. The tempo of our marketing effort is gradually being increased.

His Excellency, President George Maxwell Richards will unveil Nigel’s paintings at a press launch of The Rainmakers’ fund-raising campaign. This event will take place at The Office of The Principal, UWI on the morning of May 27. Thank you for your overwhelming support, as we continue to make rain while the sun shines.

Sanch Electronix Ltd.
Simeon L. Sandiford
Managing Director