Gateway to Transparency
Wednesday, 23 July 2008 00:00


Audience AV High-resolution Cables, Interconnects and Line Conditioners

After six months of extensive, systematic listening and performance testing, I am pleased to announce that Sanch Electronix will be distributing the Audience line of high-resolution products, effective August, 2008. We will focus primarily on the Adept Response aR1p, aR6 line conditioners, analogue, digital interconnects and speaker cables.

I first auditioned the sonic benefits of these components last Carnival with the addition of one aR6 and various Au24 “e” cables to the Sanch mobile recording rig and reference playback systems. Some of my discoveries are described in the June issue of the Features section of the on-line magazine,

What has really intrigued me is the ability of these products to provide what I deem to be a gateway to transparency, by removing grunge, mainly mains-borne and radio frequency interference, from the audio stream. More will be revealed in a future Ultra Audio article, Preparing for the Rockports. This has already been written but will not be published before February, 2009.


Audience passive upgrades are not inexpensive by any means. For example, the aR1p will retail for TT$3,500.00 and the aR6 for $21,000.00. However, I guarantee that whether one uses them for audio or video refinement, the results will be astounding. For more information, please .


Simeon L. Sandiford
Managing Director
June 26, 2008