The P.H.I. - an essential prerequisite for Pan in Education
Tuesday, 13 April 2010 00:00


The Pan in Education Business Model (PIE) interface is conveniently sub-divided into two sectors, Entrepreneurial Development and Music Literacy. The former covers crucial topics such as Finance, Marketing, Management, Technical English, Creativity, Innovation, Intellectual Property Issues and Preparation for the World of Work.

The latter encompasses essential technical and creative aspects of music production. Recording, editing, mastering and replication are featured on the one hand, alongside composing, arranging and performing on the other. PIE envisages that the acoustic Steelpan would be the preferred instrument for use in all practical aspects of curriculum delivery.

A new patented MIDI-controller with a Steelpan interface, the Percussive HarmonicInstrument (P.H.I.) was conceptualised and developed in Trinidad and Tobago. The device is currently being manufactured and commercialised byPanadigm Innovations Limited.

The P.H. I. incorporates the latest hardware and software, permitting users to keep abreast of technological innovation. For example it may be used with any MIDI recording software such as Cakewalk or Sibelius to document compositions.

The P.H.I. is a formidable, ICT-driven cultural product created for music educators, performers, composers, arrangers and enthusiasts. It is marketable as a solo instrument or it may be featured in ensembles. Additionally, the P.H.I. affords easy access to voices beyond the capability of conventional instruments. It affords users the flexibility and convenience of recording, editing, arranging, archiving, retrieving and disseminating music in real-time.

Sanch Electronix proudly embraces the P.H.I. as the other preferred medium for use in the Music Literacy component of the Pan in Education curriculum. Strategic alliances have already been formed with the Caribbean Examinations Council and The University of the West Indies. This will enable the project to be quickly implemented regionally and expanded throughout the Diaspora and eventually to the international marketplace.

My new feature on one of the pioneers of digital recording is now available on line.

Simeon L. Sandiford
Managing Director