We get requests ...You look good to me
Thursday, 21 July 2011 22:39

In 1983, the late Neil Lau gave me a vinyl LP entitled Motional Feedback Demonstration Record. It contained an array of music carefully selected to showcase the new Philips RH 532 MFB powered (active) loudspeaker system with its catchy tagline a giant in sound, a dwarf in size.

The woofer utilised a servomechanism to optimise its acoustic output. The result was substantially increased levels of unadulterated bass, more than would have otherwise been possible using similar enclosures containing only passive components. Having long crossed the threshold into the lunatic fringe, Neil had to have a pair.

I have since yearned for a digital version of the opening performance on that compilation. You Look Good to Me is composed by Seymour Lefco-Clement Wells, Jr. and rendered by the Oscar Peterson Trio - pianist Oscar, bassist Ray Brown and drummer Ed Thigpen.


The combination of magical performance and incredible Sonics had enthralled me from my initial auditioning of this test record. A few years afterwards I heard the song as track six of a CD entitled We Get Requests, released on the Verve label. However, it did not trigger the expected aural memories and I refrained from purchasing.

During the course of 2010, Sanch resumed distribution of the world-famous audiophile label First Impression Music (FIM) owned by perfectionist Winston Ma. I subsequently discovered that the same CD had been licensed, re-sequenced and re-mastered by FIM using the proprietary JVC K2HD technology. I promptly ordered a UDM replica from Winston ‘specially crafted for Mr. Simeon Louis Sandiford ’, and first listened to it on December 31, 2010.

Ray Brown’s Arco solo dominated the prelude (on the first track), flowing seamlessly into a pizzicato interlude that introduced the main melody. I sat, transfixed to my sweet spot by music abounding with energy, intimacy, nuances and warmth. The three musicians were in my room.

You Look Good to Me triggered my eclectic palate in a manner that is seldom perceived from recorded music. I replayed it thrice and proceeded to revisit the entire album four times before finally opening my eyes and exulting in spirit. WOW! A full review will be forthcoming.

Not everyone will be adventurous enough to output quadruple the cost of a regular K2HD mastered compact disc to purchase a UDM version; but trust me by obtaining your personal copy. My favourite rendition alone is worth the price of admission - it is that good; the other nine are merely bonuses. According to Oscar Wilde “I have the simplest of tastes, I only like the best.”

Simeon L Sandiford
Managing Director

Directors: Sarah L. Sandiford, Rhona L. Sandiford, Simeon L. Sandiford (Managing)