The metamorphosis of Pete the Panstick
Thursday, 21 July 2011 22:36

The sophisticated bilingual (Spanish and English) animated instructor Pete the Panstick (PETE) was created in 2008 by Camille Selvon-Abrahams for Sanch Electronix. It was envisaged that he would introduce students to the rudiments of music through an interactive DVD. This never materialised because a suitable Digital Rights Management System could not be created to protect PETE’S Intellectual Property content.

With technical support from the Centre for Development of Enterprise, (CDE), PETE has now been re-engineered as educational software for either Windows or MAC operating systems. The product may also be used in conjunction with commonly available Music Industry programmes such as Finale or Sibelius and is deliverable from a Cyber Platform.

Camille’s team at Full Circle Animation has worked assiduously on the redesign of PETE’S rig to ensure fluency of movement and lip-synchronizing capability has been optimised. PETE also dances the ‘Mas Fireman’, wines, waves a flag, plays the Steelpan, beats iron and claps.

His designer-friendly wardrobe is an assortment of T-shirts, tuxedos, sailor and conventional caps. The new product is more aesthetically appealing with students and tutors being facilitated through online communication. As the quintessential student’s companion, PETE transitions seamlessly from classroom to relaxation mode in the twinkling of an eye.

PETE ensures that educators now have alternative avenues for introducing students to Music, ICT and English Literacy. This is a prerequisite for development and honing of appropriate skills required for the 21st century workplace. The software also offers learner- centred, cross-curricular activities in anticipation of future exposure to the Pan in Education Business Model (PIE) that embraces creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation.

PETE’S new mission is to equip students with resources that integrate critical thinking and innovative skills across curriculum and to enhance their music, creative writing and computer literacy capabilities. The vision is that the software would eventually become the curriculum for a Level 1 Music Producer National Occupational Standard to assess fundamental aspects of Technical English, Music, Social Studies and ICT. Standby...

Simeon L Sandiford
Managing Director

Directors: Sarah L. Sandiford, Rhona L. Sandiford, Simeon L. Sandiford (Managing)