Magnetic Levitation for PETE and PIE
Thursday, 21 July 2011 22:35

Magnetic Levitation (Maglev) is a Physical phenomenon whereby an object is suspended in free space with no apparent support. In reality, a strong magnetic field is used to supply an upward thrust that balances the downward effect of gravity so there is no resultant vertical force. Hence the object is free to travel horizontally on a cushion of air if propelled appropriately.

One fascinating application of this technology is railway systems that allow trains to travel quieter, faster and smoother, with far less wear and tear than using conventional methods of propulsion. Maglev has brought the types of benefits to transportation that contactless optical pickups imparted to the audio industry when they replaced magnetic heads and phonographic styli.

In 2011, Sanch will chart long-term implementation strategies for the ICT-based interactive software PETE the Panstick and innovative curriculum The Pan in Education Business Model. When one contemplates the quantum of work that is still outstanding, one realises that it will take nothing short of a herculean effort by our dedicated team to achieve all the objectives and fulfil our mission within a reasonable timeframe.

Firstly, much of the content of PIE has to be dissected to generate mini projects. For example, cohorts of educators have to be trained within the CARICOM jurisdiction, Diaspora and the wider global community in the designated areas of Music Literacy, Technical English, Business, ICT and Social Studies. This will allow them to initiate the programme formally in their own domains from the next academic year, September 2011.

Lesson plans have to be written to sustain all curriculum modules and content has to be developed to facilitate ease of delivery and learning. ICT support tools have to be prepared and packaged for administration and assessment purposes. Marketing and promotional initiatives have to be instituted to create and maintain awareness for PIE. Recording studios/mastering suites will be built and commissioned, operators hired and trained.

Simultaneously, PETE will undergo major upgrades to ensure that students can communicate online with their tutors via blog boxes. They will also be able to fashion their own simple arrangements of basic melodies provided in the software. PETE will be more animated by clapping hands, gyrating and waving a rag in true Caribbean style. Finally, the domain will be rebuilt with additional content to reflect the company’s new initiatives.

In order to enable some of the above strategies, Sanch has been afforded a grant/ technical assistance by the Centre for Development of Enterprise (CDE). This timely gesture will assist significantly ‘with further enhancement and marketing of the two main software products’ as the company prepares to run on a frictionless air platform using Maglev technology.

Simeon L Sandiford
Managing Director

Directors: Sarah L. Sandiford, Rhona L. Sandiford, Simeon L. Sandiford (Managing)