Corpus Christi College supports Pan in Education
Wednesday, 20 October 2010 00:00

Corpus Christi College (CCC) is an all-girl Roman Catholic secondary school, established in September 1959 by Corpus Christi Carmelite Sisters. It is located within Diego Martin Valley, the north-western peninsula of Trinidad. The school’s mission is to
holistically develop its 300-odd students through traditional academic learning coupled with occupational education and training.

On Commonwealth Day March 08, 2010, I made a presentation of the Pan in Education (PIE) concept to an audience of students, teachers and other professionals at a seminar held at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus. The theme was Science, Technology and Society. Afterwards I was approached by Ms. Sherry-Ann Thomas, a member of staff of CCC who intimated that the school would be interested in timetabling the PIE Business Model into its portfolio.

After a few meetings with educators from the Music, Business, ICT, English and Social Studies departments of CCC, we devised a plan of action for rollout, beginning with Form 1 (Grade 7). From September 13, 2010 students have been introduced to the curriculum and will be assessed for competency in individual Units throughout their school career. By Form 5 (Grade 11), they would have achieved the required knowledge and understanding to be accredited as Music Producers Level 2.

For one of their myriad School Based Assignments, music students will record a repertoire of diverse Steelpan music. From this, a budget CD will be produced and marketed for the upcoming Yuletide Season. By so doing, they will gain invaluable
hands-on experience in the art and science of on-location recording, conceptualising CD names, designing graphics, sequencing a repertoire and creating business plans. Proceeds will be accumulated towards building a recording studio at CCC to facilitate the music production component of PIE.

The school’s educators will be interfacing regularly with the PIE curriculum development team. They will also be trained as PIE facilitators through a programme developed in conjunction with the National Training Agency of Trinidad and Tobago.

My latest ultraaudio feature article entitled Perspective and Realism has been published and is now available on-line.

Simeon L. Sandiford
Executive Producer of The Rainmakers